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Welcome to Deck Builders Tallahassee where we build decks homeowners only dream of. We make decks that look very elegant, modern, traditional, and more with our many different options.

Do you have a deck that is falling apart in some way? We do deck repairs, deck resurfacing, and deck restoration as well!

About Deck Builders Tallahassee

Do you have fears of hiring a deck contractor? Have you heard the stories where someone hired a contractor that started and never finished the job? There are hundreds of these stories.

You can rest assured knowing that this is far from our company. We are very reliable and loyal to every customer and job that we sign. You can be sure to get a finished deck with our Tallahassee deck builders.

We show up when we say we will show up. We are there until the job is not only finished, but we know that we have a happy customer as well. Our deck contractors are respectful of your time, your space, and your desires.

We make sure to get your expectations before we start the job. We want to be sure to meet your expectation, whatever they may be. This brings much clarity to the job and peace of mind to our customers.

You can trust us with your ideas and concerns for your deck. We will take those ideas and concerns and help you design a deck that you love. You will love walking out of your house and enjoying the outdoors and family and friends on a deck that you helped design.

Why Choose Us?

Many deck companies blow through as many decks as they can to make more money. Have you looked for “deck companies near me” and came across us? Why are we different?

  • We spend the time we need on each deck
  • We find value in referrals and do our best to gain more
  • We have great reviews and strive to get more from each job
  • We take our time to make your deck perfect

Are you ready to be done searching for “deck builders near me” and “porch builders near me”? We have years worth of experience in both decks, porches, and can even be your pool deck builders.

Not all decks are created equal. The foundation we are building on is different in every home. The deck you want to have built is different for everyone. We take every job and become a better company from doing them.

Our customers have a lot of confidence in us as a company. When you look for “deck builders in my area” or “deck construction near me” you want builders who are experienced. Tallahassee deck builders have years of experience which make us amazing at our job.

We please our customers with being the best “deck installers near me” you can find. Let us show you the incredible work we can do for you. Call us today to see the work we do. Choose us to be your local deck builders.

What To Expect

We are going to impress you with our process of building your deck. We make it simple and easy for you and for us. Your deck builders through our company are very clear with everything.

We will meet with you for your free consultation. You do not need to worry about the amount of time we spend during this consultation. It is free no matter the amount of time we take.

tallahassee deck installers

We want to make sure that we understand clearly what it is you want done. We want to be sure that we know everything that we need to do to get that done. We will take any measurements we will need to purchase materials and get started.

We prep the land we will be building on. This may mean simply moving rocks and other materials or it may mean digging and flattening out the land. We make sure to go over what we will do with you so you know what to expect.

When it comes to the cost of the deck we give you a bid that has all the cost details. We go over it in depth so you understand every part of the bid and the cost of the job. We will let you know how we expect payment to be made.

Our Services

As your deck installers Tallahassee we make sure that you get the materials that fit your needs. We have wood or composite and all the accessories and features to add to it. We do repairs to decks that you have had around for a while that are now in need of a facelift.

tallahassee deck contractor deck resurfacing deck restoriation

Deck Restoration

The “deck contractors near me” that you are looking for to do your deck resurfacing and deck restoration are right here. We know what is needed to restore your deck like new and how to meet those needs. As your deck contractors Tallahassee we make sure that your deck meets code for the area you live.

We offer to restore and resurface in all types of materials. Some of these materials include, aluminum, cable, composite, wood, and many more. We can do every type of railing either horizontal or vertical.

tallahassee deck repair

Deck Repair Tallahassee

Deck repairs are a must at some point if you have an existing deck. If you have kept up very well on the yearly maintenance then repairs will be slim to none. Splitting, cracking, and rotting are all very common in wood decks.

This must be fixed or it will get worse. It can be dangerous if it goes untreated for a long time. We know what to do to take care of these needed repairs.

tallahassee wood decks

Wood Decking Tallahassee FL

Wood decks are friendly on the wallet and budget. You can get any color and style you want because of the different options of woods available. You also have the option to stain or paint it as well if you are wanting a specific color.

Wood deck installation is great for a timeless look and is typically more affordable than composite.

tallahassee decking

Composite Decking Tallahassee

Composite decks are amazing for those who do not want to deal with it later on. Build it and forget it. You do not have to do any maintenance to keep it looking and feeling nice.

There are color options galore with composite decks. There are also options that are friendly with the environment if that is important to you.

This is most popular when needed pool deck installation. Composite deck installation is perfect for pools due to the constant exposure to water.

tallahassee deck building

Custom Built Decks Tallahassee FL

We can do anything to make your deck custom. Do you have a design you love more than anything else? We can make it look exactly the same.

We can add many types of lighting features to create focal points and set the mood. We can also add other types of features that you may want such as, seating or posts.

tallahassee deck staining tallahassee deck porch builders

Porch & Patio Builders

We can also help build your porch or patio alongside your deck.

We build custom covered porches to help provide shade from the sun.

Contact us today for your next porch or patio from our expert deck installation company.

Fill out our form below and you will receive your professional free estimate quickly.

About Tallahassee FL

Trade and agriculture are very popular in Tallahassee. We have some of the most beautiful parks and gardens here that are common meeting places.

Tallahassee is 56% White, 34% Black or African American, 4% Asian. It is not an overly expensive city to live in. We experience many lovely sunny warm days throughout the year with no snow.

The population of our city alone is nearly 195,000 people. If you take into account these cities below the population is around 386,000.

  • Thomasville, FL
  • Cairo, FL
  • Midway, FL
  • Monticello, FL
  • Havana, FL
  • Boston, FL
  • Woodville, FL
  • Wacissa, FL
  • Attapulgus, FL
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose what type of decking will be best for my deck?

Here at Deck Builders Tallahassee we help you in choosing what type of decking will be best for your desires and look you want. There are pros and cons to each type of decking. We explain these to you to help you make this decision. If you have a budget you are sticking too then that may determine the type of material you choose as well. Do not feel overwhelmed as we will help you with whatever choices you have to make.

Do I have to come into an office for my free consultation?

No you do not need to come into an office. We will come to you. We will come and see where you want your deck or porch. We will get a vision of all the ideas you have in mind. We will build onto your ideas that you have and make a design for you to approve. This makes the process most convenient and accurate for you.

Do I have to pay for other meetings apart from our consultation?

No. The consultations are all free. We will put in your bid exactly what you need to pay for. This will be the materials and the labor for your deck. We want to take the time with you that we need to get the right design, layout and material choices set and stone before we begin. We do not charge for this part.

What is the role of a general contractor?

The role of your contractor is to help make the building process simple and make the build for you. We take care of all the odds and ends of the process of building a deck. We build it for you in a safe and efficient way.

How do I find the best Deck Replacement Near Me?

If you are looking for 'deck companies near me', 'deck contractors near me' or 'deck builders near me', our deck installers are the best in the area. Give us a call for a free quote for your decking.

Customer Testimonials

"The price we paid for the value of work we got was perfect. We would not change a thing. They worked very hard and made it look perfect. Everyone needs to get a deck from these guys."

Dan H.

"Five star review here! They have the most wonderful attitudes and were so kind. Thank you for building us the most beautiful deck on the block."

Avery M.

"The whole team we worked with were very professional the entire time we were working with them. They explained the process and used the best materials to make sure we got the best deck we could. We are very happy with the service they gave us."

Adam K.

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Do you need to get a hold of a contractor to draw you up a deck design or do a repair on yours? Give us a call today. We are available and make time for our customers.

No need to wait on a list or wait weeks to get your need taken care of. We have all the tools and the drive to do repairs, custom builds, and more. Let us walk you through the process and help make it easier for you.

Deck Builders Tallahassee look forward to your free consultation. We look forward to getting you started on your next home improvement project, your deck.

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